Sample Policy & Procedure Manual

These policies have been developed to help employers in the preparation of employee handbooks. They may be used to develop an entire handbook, to create individual policies, or to update existing policies. They have been developed to comply with the majority of state law provisions, however, their application in individual states and to individual employers should be reviewed by experienced employment law counsel. The policies include commentary (in red) on what you should consider including in your policies as well as practical advice and suggestions. 

How to Use These Policies


I Introduction

II    General Information 

III    Employment

IV    Compensation

V    Benefits

VI    Safety

VII    Other

How to Use These Policies

The author's notes provide you with information about each policy.  The comments all appear in red so that you know what needs to be deleted before you copy and paste a policy into your own manual. Items that appear in brackets will require you to fill in some sort of information, such as the name of your organization or the title of a designated person. Also the generic term "organization" is used in the policies to describe the employing entity. It sometimes makes the wording a bit stilted so you are encouraged to substitute "company," "business," "agency," or "government" if you believe that better fits your needs.