State Law Chart Builder

State Law Chart Builder summarizes the relevant state laws and distills each into an easy to read paragraph, explaining exactly what to do under that area of the law when managing your workforce.

Compliance Manual Series

Detailed guidance on how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, COBRA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and wage and hour laws. 


ADA Compliance
Mandated Health
Benefits: The
Family and Medical
Leave Handbook
Employer's Guide
to the Fair Labor Standards Act

HR Audit Checklists

This award-winning reference tool is a comprehensive expansion on our previous Employment Practices Self-Audit Workbook. This resource makes it quick and easy to periodically review your policies, practices, and procedures on a range of compliance areas, whether common topics such as hiring, leave, and compensation or newer concerns such as employee wellness and social media use.

Technology for HR: A Legal and Practical Guide for Managing E-mail, Intranets, & Social Media 

Designed to help HR professionals understand technology without a lot of technical jargon, it shows not only how it’s done but also how it applies to HR to give you straightforward answers about technology’s intersection with the world of HR.

Workplace Catastrophes: An Employer's Guide to Workplace Violence, Terrorism, and Natural Disasters 

Explains the statutes and also the practical concerns that come into play during catastrophic workplace events like hurricanes, tornadoes, oil spills, flu outbreaks, and acts of terrorism and workplace violence, and offers step-by-step guidance for contingency, recovery, and business continuity planning.

Workplace Investigations 

Provides everything you need to get to the bottom of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and many other claims including investigation forms, checklists, sample reports, and other documents critical to the execution of a safe and effective investigation. Read about mistakes made by others, go through hypothetical investigations to learn what went wrong, and use the checklists to guide you as you conduct your own workplace investigation. For those who are new to workplace investigations, this book provides the tools you’ll need to be able to conduct a competent investigation. For those who are more seasoned, it provides tips that may prove invaluable.