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As a service to our subscribers, HRLaws is creating a series of complimentary webinars on hot topics. Here, HRLaws subscribers can access informational webinars—presented by our legal editors/attorneys—that are refreshers on certain areas of employment law and that keep you up to date as possible on trends and developments in legal compliance. To view a full list of complimentary webinars, click here.




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HRLaws is loaded with information you can use to train employees and supervisors. To make things easier to find, we've gathered content that can be used "as is," such as our newsletter for supervisors -- Frontline Supervision -- as well as webinars/audio conferences, blogs, topic pages, and white papers that can be adapted to your training needs.

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With so many potential legal pitfalls facing American employers, compliance training for employees and supervisors has never been more essential. For comprehensive employee and supervisor employment law instruction, smart HR professionals and Training Managers turn to TrainingToday, the online, SCORM-compliant, LMS-enabled solution.

TrainingToday contains more than 350 courses across more than 15 libraries, including Employment Law; Sexual Harassment (including courses meeting state-specific training requirements in California, Connecticut, and Maine); Diversity; Leadership; Safety; Transportation; Environmental Compliance; Customer Service; and Wellness.  Many of the courses feature full video vignettes, expert commentary from employment law attorneys.  All the courses include lesson checks and interactive features to keep trainees engaged, and each course concludes with a graded test.

With only a few minutes’ setup, your organization will have a complete Web-based training program with professionally developed courses, trainee testing, and systematic documentation of sessions and scores.

  • Unlimited training for one flat rate
  • Web-based, always up-to-date
  • Easy set up and customization
  • 2-click trainee invitations
  • Developed by employment lawyers and industry experts
  • Comprehensive results reporting
  • LMS compatibility

To preview a TrainingToday course for yourself, risk-free and with no obligation, click here. To speak to a Training Advisor about course offerings, call 800-274-6774. has been delivering a variety of attorney-prepared training resources to employers for over 35 years. Click here for more information or call us toll free at 800-274-6774.

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