State Law Chart Builder

There's never been a faster or easier way to compare and contrast employer rights and obligations under state laws and regulations. Open the tool and choose an employee management issue from a menu of over 75 topics, like medical leave certifications, same-sex benefits, or social media privacy. Then choose the state(s) in which you have employees. State Law Chart Builder summarizes the relevant state laws and distills each into an easy reading paragraph, explaining exactly what to do under that area of the law when managing your workforce.

The “answers” in the State Law Chart Builder were provided by members of the Employers Counsel Network (ECN), an HR Hero®-sponsored organization linking top employment law practitioners at leading firms in each of the 50 states and Canada. HR Hero® is a division of BLR® and also publishes a monthly state-specific Employment Law Letter that is written and edited by the ECN member law firms in each state. For more information on the ECN, see