Kansas News In Brief

Intoxicated Kansas worker who fell through roof qualifies for workers' compensation. After throwing back a few beers on a Sunday morning, an employee was instructed to repair the roof of a building. While he was on the roof, a swarm of ants attacked him, and he fell through the roof as he tried to brush them off. Although the employee's blood alcohol level was over .09 percent at the time of the accident and he tested positive for marijuana and cocaine, the court of appeals held that the Workers' Compensation Board was justified in awarding him workers' comp benefits. The employer failed to show the employee's intoxication "contributed to" his injury because a sober person could just as easily have fallen through the roof in the same circumstances. Gideon v. Yost Properties, 2014 WL 1508686 (Kan. Ct. App., Apr. 11, 2014) (unpublished).

Woman who "worked" 39½ hours a day indicted. A woman in Kansas City was indicted on multiple counts of healthcare fraud for allegedly billing Medicaid for work she did not perform. The charge alleges that she claimed to have worked more than 24 hours on more than 750 different workdays and billed Medicaid accordingly. Although this example is extreme, it serves as a good reminder to ensure that your employees are properly tracking their time spent working — no more, no less!