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HRlaws is a product of BLR®— Business & Legal Resources, which owns the copyright for all text, graphics, and other content on the website. Password-protected information is intended for subscribers only. BLR® retains the copyright on all text and graphics, unless otherwise specified, and except for the text of materials from federal or state governments.  To use this information in any other way, you must strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

Reprinting or Redistributing HRlaws Content

We strive to provide you with valuable information, and you may want to share it with others. We consider that a compliment, and we'll try to work with you to let it happen. But at the same time, we have to protect our copyrighted work from unauthorized distribution.  Here are the rules that apply to all articles on the HRlaws website:

Printouts/Photocopies.  Multiple printouts, photocopies, or other reproductions of a web page, PDF file, or other electronic publication is prohibited without written permission. For example, you'd need permission to distribute copies to co-workers or hand them out in a meeting, training session, or classroom.

One printout of a web page. You don't need permission to print out a web page or e-mail message for your own use or to share with one other person.

E-mailing a link. Do not e-mail links to nonsubscribers. If others in your organization are also subscribers or are covered under your site license, feel free to e-mail links.

E-mailing an article. Except as described above, you need our permission before you e-mail one of our articles, newsletters, manuals, or other publications to anyone else except another subscriber. This restriction applies to individual e-mail messages as well as listservs, e-mail groups, news groups, web-based forums, intranets, and any other electronic medium.

Your company newsletter, etc. You need our permission to include one of our articles in a company newsletter, training material, memo, or any other document or publication. To ask permission to use one of our articles, send an e-mail to Please specify which article you'd like to use and explain what you'd like to do with it.

Frontline Supervision.  A subscription to the full HRLaws site includes the right to redistribute copies of the monthly Frontline Supervision newsletter to all of the supervisors at your location.

Your website. You need our prior permission to put the text of any article or other content from HRlaws on your website, intranet, database, discussion board, or any other system.

Free ezines, blog posts. Posts on our blogs are incorporated into HRlaws for convenience, but they are freely available to nonsubscribers on We also offer several free ezines, including HR Hero Line, Diversity Matters, and Northern Exposure.  Copyright applies to all the content on our blogs and in our ezines, but you are welcome to forward the ezines and link to the blogs.

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To ask permission to use one of our articles, send an e-mail to Please specify which article you'd like to use and explain what you'd like to do with it.

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