From I-9 to E-Verify: How to Master HR’s Newest Immigration Challenges

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Verifying employment eligibility is one of HR's most vital tasks. I-9s, those seemingly short and simple forms, can become huge liabilities if your organization improperly completes, files, or administers them. Think it can’t happen to you? That's what Abercrombie & Fitch thought -- before it was hit with a $1 million-plus fine for I-9 errors. And with a new I-9 form proposal on the table, it’s more important than ever for your recordkeeping procedures to be current and accurate.

E-Verify is designed to be easy and safe, but the smallest mistake can let unauthorized applicants gain employment -- or spark discrimination claims if an inaccuracy in your hiring procedure leads to you denying someone a job.

And then there's the SSA's recently reinstated no-match letters, documentation sent to employers notifying them that they have an employee whose name doesn’t match a valid Social Security number, which are proving to be another area of confusion for employers.

With the latest immigration crackdown under way, it's crucial for you to make your I-9 administration and E-verify processes run smoothly and in a legally safe way, and for you to understand every step of the no-match letter process from receipt to conclusion so you can stay in compliance.