Talent Retention 2011: Rekindling Employee Loyalty with Career Conversations

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A recent survey revealed that 60 percent of employees plan to leave their present jobs. With a weak economy, heavier workloads, and a workplace climate that can raise even the calmest of employees' blood pressure, it's no wonder that job satisfaction and morale are at an all-time low.

Many factors contribute to the stagnant mood in the workforce, including employees who believe they have no room for advancement in their current job or who are simply feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, many workers are ripe to leave their current job if a better opportunity presents itself.

As an HR manager, the last thing you want to do is lose your company's top talent. In order to keep your best performers, it's vital for you to help reconnect employees to their jobs and inspire them to stay with your organization for the long haul by using effective career development strategies. This type of communication approach involves multi-step performance feedback that will reignite an employee's passion.