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Default no call, no show policy

We have an employee who was a "no call, no show" for 2 consecutive days. His supervisor called his home to find out where he was and found out that he went off the wagon (resumed drinking). We want to have a talk with this employee about his problem as a "disciplinary" type action but want to make sure the employee knows we want to assist him in getting any help he may need from us. We want to write up the actions taken but are unsure of the proper verbage. Thank you to anyone who can help.
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Default RE: no call, no show policy

Do you have an attendance policy in place that addresses no call/no shows? If not, you should create one!! Do you have an EAP? If so, do you have a mandatory referral provision? How have you handled employees not reporting for work in the past? You should follow past practice in dealing with this employee. I applaud your efforts at wanting to "save" this employee but caution you not to make exceptions due to his drinking. ALthough the ADA coverage alcoholism as a disability, time off from work due to his drinking is not covered. The employee needs to want help in order for it to work.

My suggestion is to look at what your policies state and follow them. It sounds tough but sometimes people need to hit "rock bottom" before they begin to help themselves.

Good luck! I've been in this position before and it is not a fun one!
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Don D
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Default RE: no call, no show policy

If I'm not mistaken, the ADA coverage extends to completers of PROGRAMS, not current abusers who may or may not be alcoholics. If he were to enroll in an approved sobriety program, and complete it successfully, through an EAP or otherwise, and return to work, he would have ADA protection. But, you indicate he's gone off the wagon which may indicate between the lines that this does apply to his situation. According to our policies, the no-call, no-shows would be treated as attendance problem violations, not handled separately due their possible merge with EAP indicators.
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Default RE: no call, no show policy

I would take whatever disciplinary action you would normally for any person violating your no call/no show policy. If you want to offer some support you might add on something to the effect that while you understand there may be issues in ee personal life that contributed to the violation, it is your expectation that ee take whatever steps neccessary to ensure that those issues are addressed and there be no further violations. I would do this only if the ee has admitted to a relapse. As already noted, if you have an EAP I would make sure the ee has knowledge of it.
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Default RE: no call, no show policy

Our company policy reads: two consecutive 'no call/no shows' is an automatic dismissal. The only way out of it is if you are in a coma somewhere with no other human contact to make a call for you. And even then, we want to know who the caller is. I probably wouldn't delve into the 'why', unless it was forced on me.
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Default RE: no call, no show policy

Our policy says that two consecutive no call/no shows constitutes a voluntary resignation of their position. I would also suggest that if you don't have a formal attendance policy that you get one. I would be glad to share ours with you. Just send me your fax or e-mail. I also agree with Don. Current abuse is not covered under the ADA.
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