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Default Sample wording for mandatory overtime policy

We are interested in implementing a mandatory overtime policy. I am interested in obtaining sample wording to aid in my development. If you currently have this policy, would you share it with me? I hate to reinvent the wheel! Thank you for your imput.
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Default RE: Sample wording for mandatory overtime policy

We don't have a need for a mandatory overtime policy. The language, though, could be something very simple, such as "We will attempt to schedule overtime in a fair and consistent manner, however, we must point out that business need may require that you work overtime and you will be expected to work overtime when necessary". I would stay away from the word "mandatory" - it is guaranteed to raise create problems. Also, "mandatory" overtime doesn't get you off the hook pertaining to the requirement to accomodate to a persons religious needs. A lot of the issues which arise in this area are created by an employers need for employers to work at times when someone may have a proactice of attending church. Assuming that you have 15 employees or more, your duty would be to accomodate to the persons religious need unless it would create an undue hardship to do so.
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