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Default doctor won't fill out certification form

We have an employee who missed some work last week. He informed me that he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Bells Palsey. I immediately gave him FMLA paperwork. Today I gave him a reminder that his FMLA paperwork is due next week.

Employee called to tell me that his doctor won't fill out the certification. The doctor said he doesn't do that because too many people abuse FMLA. I have no documentation other than the employee's word that he has this condition.

I will wait for the 15 days to be up and then put in writing that FMLA was not approved because the certification was not returned.

Since we have a point-based attendance policy I informed the employee to make sure he pre-arranges any future doctor appointments and bring documentation of being at the appointment. Short of that what else can I do? Thanks.
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Default RE: doctor won't fill out certification form

You could use your second opinion rights and make an appointment with a doctor of your choice who will complete FMLA paperwork. Of course, you will have to pay for it.
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Default RE: doctor won't fill out certification form

Maybe it is the employee who should get a second opinion. The employee chose the doctor. It is up to him to have one who will provide the paperwork.

I remember reading where a poster on this forum suddenly had employees whose doctors were charging to complete FMLA paperwork. The poster made a list of these providers and put it on the employee bulletin board. When the docs heard of it they were not happy, but they stopped charging. Otherwise they were going to lose business.

It is not the doctor's call as to who will abuse paperwork anymore than it is your call to make a diagnosis. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!

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Default RE: doctor won't fill out certification form

I agree it is the employee's responsibility to get the paperwork from the doctor. If his doctor won't do it, maybe he needs to find a doctor who will.
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