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HR in Okla
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Default Drug test "low creatinine"

From time to time, we get a drug test result flagged for low creatinine. Technically, this is a negative, but questionable. One of the lowest ones I ever had was on a person that I absolutely know was not on illegal drugs. Because of that, I have difficulty with assuming that any report of that type is an automatic "cover up." People who drink lots of water can have this result.

Seems we've had more than ususal just lately and I've asked them to take a repeat test at my expense. A couple have complied with negative results, one or two have never been heard from again.

Do any of you have a drug testing policy that addresses this specific issue? How do you handle it?
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Unread 08-15-2003, 03:49 AM
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Default RE: Drug test "low creatinine"

Our policy does not specifically address this however, when we get a result with a low creatine level we ask the person to take the test again just to me sure we get a good accurate result. We have never had anyone refuse.
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Default RE: Drug test "low creatinine"

Talk to you MRO about what a low creatine reading means. I cannot recall myself, but it may not be as much of an issue. Of course you get those taking supplements with high creatine readings...........
My only concern would be is it considered and adulterated sample if it is low creatine?
My $0.02 worth.
DJ The Balloonman
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HR in Okla
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Default RE: Drug test "low creatinine"

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-15-03 AT 10:09AM (CST)[/font][p]The clinic that does the tests is always suspicious of a low creatinine test. It can be caused from a deliberate attempt to dilute the urine, as in drinking a lot of water. We also hear about substances that can be used to "mask" the use of drugs.

I'm glad clarkbar says they retest. That's the simplest, but also costly when your budget is as tight as mine. I figure if they aren't willing to retest, they don't want the job very much or they may have done something to throw off the accuracy of the test.

Balloonman, I share your concern...is is adulterated or not? That would clear up the issue.

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s moll
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Default RE: Drug test "low creatinine"

These are two different results - there's creatinine and creatine. When the creatinine level is particularly low, it could mean that the person "flushed" their system with an herbal tea, much known to people taking drug tests. If this is so, the specific gravity will also be affected. Someone who is an absolute health nut may also fall into the same category. There is an MRO, (Medical Review Officer) who reads the results and can advise the employer.

Our policy says "an unacceptable result may result in the offer being withdrawn."

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HR in Okla
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Default RE: Drug test "low creatinine"

Most of the results also say "low specific gravity," and sometimes "dilute specimen." So you consider those terms to be an "unacceptable" result?

I think I need to reword our policy slightly to cover this issue. Okla. drug laws are very strict and require a 30 day notice to employees to change your policy.

Anyone else have ideas on this?
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