Managing and Motivating Difficult Employees: Conflict Resolution Tips for HR

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It's a given that in any workplace you'll have employees from diverse backgrounds with different ideas, opinions, and personality types. For the most part, such diversity can only impact your organization in a positive way, but differing points of view can also stir up conflict, presenting challenges for even the most level-headed HR manager.

The toll negative employee behavior takes on an organization is more than you might think. Aside from the obvious blow to morale, dealing with problem employees takes time, costs money, and can even escalate into a costly lawsuit if it's not resolved quickly.

Recently, the EEOC sued the Los Angeles Fire Department, claiming one of their employees had been the victim of workplace harassment and that the organization didn't take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

While you can't change employee personalities, to maintain order, boost productivity, and keep your employees motivated, it's crucial to not only effectively manage conflict as it arises, but also to have a plan in place to prevent everyday disagreements from blowing up into full-blown arguments -- or even physical violence.