Weather-Related Absenteeism: Policies, Payroll Adjustments, Telecommuting, and More

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Think back to last year's relentless and brutal winter. Back-to-back blizzards brought pleas from emergency management authorities for people to stay off the roads, and schools and offices saw a record-number of closings and delays. With such treacherous conditions, employers found themselves hesitant to crack down on absent employees when they seemed to have a good reason to stay home.

Although much of the country has experienced a fairly mild winter compared with years past, the issue of inclement weather doesn’t go away. Winter rains and snows will soon give way to spring floods and even tornadoes -- and in some parts of the country, warmer weather may also mean wildfires.

Every season brings its own weather woes, leaving employers wondering how to handle tricky issues such as attendance policies, leave time, and when people must be paid in spite of attendance at work.